Thursday, 19 December 2013

First expedition of year for Silver award!

The Silver international award team successfully completed their first expedition of the year this past weekend, 14th and 15th of December. Eight students from grades 10 and 11 set out early on Saturday morning, to be the 'early birds' up on El Volcan de Izalco, Cerro Verde. The group descended the dreaded steps of Cerro Verde in good spirits, with a few shaky legs, a bit of singing and a lot of good humour.

Then the assault on the steep ash flanks of Izalco began in earnest. This was a critical point for the group, as historically this volcano has a reputation for separating out who is going to make it through to the final expedition, and who might need to work on their physical fitness and try again on a different year. Just to increase the challenge, the teachers decided to lead the group straight up a 100m ash slope, 'off path'.

The team slipped, and slithered, and swore never to do this ever again, but through it all they pulled through and the whole team made a triumphant summit of that moonscape crater, well before the first tourist crowds arrived. Some celebrated by taking a natural sauna in the steam vents, others decided to have an extended picnic. The whole group were already on their way down before the first walking group of tourists could be seen making their way out of the edge of the lava fields below.

The chosen route took us a different way to the conventional path, and the group cut across to the far flank of the Cerro Verde volcano without returning via the 'dreaded steps' route. This was somewhat of a relief to the silver team, and possibly even for the staff team too! Carrying 15 gallons of water between them, and taking turns with the heavier equipment, the group carried all the necessary gear to the base of Santa Ana and struck camp in solitary splendour.

The evening sun set with rosy hues and a balmy comfortable feeling descended on the group. Marshmallows were carbonated to varying degrees, a melon was zealously consumed, reflections about the day were made and the moon rose in an uncanny ring of clouds, like a circular picture frame. In the night the campsite was visited by three wild coyotes but this failed to make much of an impression on the ABC group, and only the security team noticed.

In the morning the group loaded up and stormed up the side of Santa Ana to greet a clear panoramic view of the ocean and the ruta de los flores. Linking arms, the group carefully shuffled part way around the precipitous crater rim to glimpse a rare view of the sparkling Lago de Coatepeque below. Then began what can only be described as a French picnic, complete with full baguettes..all hidden behind a boulder on top of windswept Santa Ana. The French department must be congratulated!

The sun was then full in the sky and it was time to retreat to the leafy shade of the lower slopes. The team were jubilant in their shared triumph. The staff are confident that this will be a great year for the silver award at the ABC!


Monday, 25 November 2013

Internaional award Bronze 3 volcano challenge

This years '3 volcanos, one weekend challenge' took place over the weekend which has just passed (23rd and 24th of November). Thirteen International award candidates at the bronze level from grade 9 successfully completed the adventurous journey, which involved sumitting the volcanoes Izalco and Cerro Verde on Saturday, spending the night camping, and then climbing the Santa Ana crater wall on Sunday.

This years group were challenged by especially windy night on the saturday, which precipitated in a desperate evacuation of the tents to a less exposed location. This took place at about three o'clock in the morning in a flurry of tent pegs and shouting and one group decided that although they only had one tent pole left they were going to stick it out and eat an entire cake to bolster their spirits. In the morning an assortment of tent pegs, midnight snacks, and one woolly hat hat were nowhere to be found and,  presumably had blown away in the wind.

The strange winds proved to be the groups favor in the end, as we woke up to a beautiful clear sky and the
panoramic view across from Lago Coatepeque to the Coast had never looked so good. In the  final moments of the climb the wind picked up again, and this added an element of drama as the students peeked into the emerald acid lake, approaching in small groups for greater safety.

The bronze team learned to sleep in tents, and also the importance of setting them up well. They also learned what it means to carry a pack and walk uphill for a determined length of time. They are now well on their way to being successful bronze candidates at the end of the year, and will definitely be doing some extra fitness training in order to be well prepared.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Celebrating Book Week

Books have been around for thousands of years and allow us to travel to different countries, understand different viewpoints, travel back in time and ultimately to have a great time reading! Grade 6-8 students have been sharing their book choices all week and in the Book Week assembly. We hope many students will take up these recommendations and have fun with a book. Thank you to everyone involved in making Book week such fun.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Un mensaje de la Presidente de la Fundación Escolar Británico Salvadoreña

Estimados amigos,
Lamento tener que informarles del fallecimiento de Antonio Perla Bustamante, Miembro Fundador de la Fundación Escolar Británico Salvadoreña, padre y abuelo de alumnos de la ABC y trabajador incansable a favor de nuestra comunidad escolar.  Toño dedicó gran parte de su vida a construir tanto física como  fundamentalmente lo que son hoy la Academia Británica Cuscatleca y la Fundación Escolar Británico Salvadoreña, participando en la Junta Directiva de la ABC y en el Consejo Directivo de la Fundación desde 1983, desde donde hasta muy recientemente continuaba trabajando por la educación de los jóvenes salvadoreños. El aporte de Toño a la ABC y a la Fundación es valiosísimo e irremplazable. Su compromiso hacia nuestro país fue siempre firme, desinteresado y  digno de admiración.

Esta es una pérdida muy grande y muy sentida  para toda nuestra comunidad.  Toño representa sin duda alguna, el ciudadano sobresaliente y responsable que por tantos años contribuyó a formar en la ABC. Esperamos que su ejemplo continúe inspirándonos a trabajar por lograr una educación de excelencia para nuestros jóvenes y para construir un mejor país. 

Enviamos a su esposa Christy,  a sus hijos y  a sus nietos nuestras más sentidas condolencias, nuestras oraciones y nuestro cariño.

Luisa María de Álvarez
Fundación Escolar Británico Salvadoreña

Friday, 18 October 2013

ABC Careers Day a great success - thank you to all who helped!

The annual ABC Careers Day took place yesterday enabling students to consider a variety of careers in small talks as well as visit the stands of many universities.
This event could not happen without the help of those who came to share their career experiences. A particular thank you to Ms Debra Gittler, our Keynote Speaker, for setting the scene for the day so well.
Congratulations and thanks to all the organisers!

Career presenters:
Lic. Brenda G. de Torres
Lic. Ricardo Chacón
Ing. Alex Portillo
Artista Sr. Isaías Mata
Chef Hervé Laurent
Lic. Héctor Castro
Lic. Rogelio Iraheta
Lic. Miguel Aguilar
Lic. Carlos P. Alfaro
Lic. Eduardo Aquino
Dr. David Bará Egan
Arq. Margarita Chávez
Lic. Milton Rodríguez
Lic. Héctor Castro
Adriana Góchez
Lic. Margarita G. de Castro
Lic. Margarita Burgos
Lic. Eduardo Posada
Lic. Nicole Paetz
Lic. Marisela Avalos
Ing. Gabriel Ramos Soley
Lic. Nelson Sotello
Arq. Carolina de Portillo
Arq. Aída de Guerra
Ing. Víctor Miguel Silhy

 Universities represented:
Education USA
IE, Instituto de Empresa, Spain
23 Destinations Program – USA and England
International Doorway – C. A.
Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador
ESEN, Escuela de Economía y Negocios
Universidad Anahuac Mayab (México)
Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera
Universidad Centroamericana (UCA)
Estudios Internacionales (represent a range of university options in USA and Europe)
Tec de Monterrey, México
American Institute of Higher Education (El Salvador)
Universidad Zamorano (Honduras)
Laureate Hospitality Education and Art/Design
Keiser University (USA)
Universidad José Matías Delgado
Scotiabank (Prestamos Educativos)
Embajada de Gran Bretaña
Escuela de Artes Culinarias (SCARTS)
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Universidad Francisco Gavidia

Monday, 7 October 2013

Bronze award 2013 on debut trip

A group of 25 enthusiastic ABC bronze level candidates took to the Portezuelo park in Juayua for a fun weekend of team building, adventurous activities last weekend (28th and 29th September). Students were encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and confront the outdoor space with an open mind, ready to take on all new challenges. These included an adrenaline-pumping arial ropes course, horse riding, high level mountain biking and a solid hike in the pouring rain. The spirit, determination and unity of these new candidates from Grade 9 was really appreciated by the staff who attended.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Last Civic Monday in the Primary School

Last Civic Monday for National month - national anthem and readings

and in the auditorium...

Monday, 16 September 2013

Discurso - celebración de la Independencia - del Profesor David Flores

(Asamblea de Secundaria - viernes 13 de septiembre, 2013)
Excelentísimo Señor Embajador del Reino Unido e Irlanda del Norte.
Honorables autoridades académicas.
Estimados colegas.
Respetables padres de familia.
Queridos alumnos:

Al conmemorar ciento noventa y dos años de independencia patria, nos encontramos ante uno de los mayores desafíos, no solo para la historia del país que compartimos, sino también para nuestro diario vivir y para los tiempos que se acercan.

En esta celebración de la Independencia, nos debemos una reflexión acerca de la violencia que actualmente nos golpea. Pero no solo porque el próximo 21 de septiembre —y lo aplaudo— haya sido declarado por las Naciones Unidas como el Día Internacional de la Paz; quiero decir, no solo para cumplir un formalismo, sino para asumir un compromiso frente a la patria y frente al futuro.  
Juan Camilo Hurtado era un niño de ocho años cuando le preguntaron por el significado de la paz. Él respondió con pocas palabras. Dijo: Es cuando (uno) se perdona.

Uno de los grandes pacifistas del siglo XX advirtió que no hay camino para la paz [porque] la paz es el camino. Antes, otra Persona de gran influencia para el mundo tal como ahora lo conocemos, había señalado que son verdaderamente felices quienes procuran la paz…

Recordando estos principios quiero invitarlos, queridos alumnos, a que NO vayan tras sistemas de pensamiento que causan divisiones. Únanse, más bien, al incondicional amor al trabajo, a la búsqueda permanente de la justicia, al respeto por la ciencia y a la lealtad a su país. Acabemos con las diferencias e indiferencias.

Al pensar en lo mejor de mi patria, ciertamente pienso en ustedes. Pienso que la paz no está lejana cuando los miro abrir sus libros. La paz no está lejana, sigo creyendo, cuando reciben sus clases con legítima disciplina y alegría sincera. No está lejana la paz cuando atienden sus deberes, no por obligación impuesta, sino por un sano propósito a favor del aprendizaje. No está lejana la paz cuando abren su mente a la curiosidad y al descubrimiento. Porque cada niño, o cada joven, que levanta en sus manos un cuaderno y un lápiz en vez de un arma, estoy convencido, es la mejor defensa que tiene un país contra la violencia.

Por eso, nunca olviden el sagrado campus de esta escuela, donde hombres y mujeres de distintas lenguas, de diferentes nacionalidades y de las más variadas procedencias y creencias, nos unimos todos los días como hermanos dentro y fuera de las aulas,  con el propósito de contribuir a la paz por medio de los ideales que provee la educación.

Queridos alumnos:
Es mi deseo que la Providencia grabe en nuestros corazones el “dulce afecto al maestro y [a] la escuela”. Es también mi deseo que ustedes, “las nuevas generaciones” continúen saludando “reverentes”, pero también con esperanza y entusiasmo, las batallas del porvenir.

¡Feliz día de la Independencia!
¡Que viva El Salvador, en paz!
Muchas gracias.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Congratulations to our top IGCSE students 2013 and to ALL the Class of 2015

We received our University of Cambridge IGCSE results earlier this month and they were excellent. Class 2015 we are very proud of you. These four members of the class were our top achievers and between them earned a staggering 28 A* grades. Well done to all the members of the Class 2015 and all the people who worked with them to achieve these results. To repeat: Class 2015 we are proud of you and especially well done to our high achievers.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Environmental Science in Costa Rica

A group of IB Environmental Science students with Mr. Horrocks and Ms. James spent an exciting time in central Costa Rica looking at and studying the management of a bio-diverse rain forest environment.

Friday, 31 May 2013

San Vicente de Paul

Thank you to all of you who supported the Grade 8 fundraising for the San Vicente de Paul peoples home. Yesterday we delivered over 200 pounds of rice, 150 pounds of beans, 30 pounds of sugar and many bags of dried milk as well as medicines.
Again a big thank you to all who helped from the Class 2017

Monday, 20 May 2013

Geography IB Field trip to Antigua

Our IB Diploma Geography students spent the end of last week in Antigua doing geographical research which included climbing the Volcano Pucaya. The trip was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you to all of you who helped make this happen

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


At a celebration involving parents, teachers, Board members and students we celebrated the recent success of the Mathcounts team in Mexico and the Debate team at ESEN. Well done to all involved!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Last Practice for Award Candidates!

This years practice International Award expedition happened last weekend, in Morazan. Thirteen grade nine candidates left Perquin Lenca in fine spirits on Saturday morning, looking clean and shiney for the last time in three days. They had a lot of walking to do, they were determined to get it out of the way before the main heat of the day; so the weekend began at 6am.

The route followed was different from last year in the group planned to wild camp near a previously observed river in the shadow of the cliff-edged Cerro Crucita, and a solid mornings hike was required in order to get there in good time. The candidates struggled to get used to  making all the decisions on their own while operating as a team. Early mistakes included some students marching off in differing directions, or stopping to painstakingly re-calculate their position every 5 metres. Team alpha arrived at the lunch spot early and had a full hour long lunch which included a 25 minute nap, which was regrettably cut short by the discovery of a large spider in the middle of the picnic circle. This was later identified to be a horse spider, a kind of tarantula which according to El Salvador legend spins deadly webs which can harm horses hooves.

A marvelous campsite was found in a shady valley full of pine trees where two small rivers broadened into rock pools into which students and some teachers plunged into with delight once the camp was made ready. The threatened rains never arrived that day and in the evening a de-briefing was held around a flickering camp fire, undisturbed by the last flights of parrots, and the whispering wind in the pine needles. Our guides spoke to us of many things pertaining to the area, including the history of the lenca people, whose language and culture is almost totally lost. Candidates reflected on what they had learned that day, including the importance of packing only what you need, and then remembering how hard it can be to carry it.

In the morning the groups began the descent to the Rio Sapo, determined to learn from their experiences on the first day and the two teams pulled together in a way that impressed all of the teachers greatly. Candidates discovered in themselves new resources and energy  for actions of leadership, improvisation and on-the-spot judgement. Team bravo marched to the rallying cry of “Adventure!” and team alpha made record time. The difficult part was finding a safe way down, and dealing with the rising heat of the river valley which took its sweaty toll as the sun hovered around it’s zenith. Finally Team bravo reunited with Team alpha after crossing the Rio Guaco and camp began in earnest. Great relief was expressed all around. In the words of one smiling but damp candidate, ‘he was so happy that he slipped on a rock and face-planted in the Rio Sapo’.

Once tents were safely up and the comfort of the night guaranteed, a river swimming party began in earnest and this was enjoyed so enthusiastically that a 1.5 hr hike to a waterfall was voted for, culminating in a second swim of the day in a plunging pool which was described by one candidate as ‘one of the most beautiful things that she had ever seen’. In the evening our luck wavered as the rains came down and candidates took to their tents, relying on their survival skills, resourcefulness and the all-important rock 3 north face mountain tents to see them through the night. The night was tempestuous and alternated between oppressive heat, wild lashing rains, and batterings of flying insects which bounced off of heads and even invaded cooking pots. Everyone agreed that the wild campsite on the lonely Cerro Crucita had been more favourable, but noone complained too much.

In the morning the group reflected sadly on the lack of awareness in El Salvador about the aesthetic and ecological implications of dropping litter and an effort was made to clean up the campsite and leave the trails clearer of plastic items dropped by other walkers. The groups marched in perfect unison, feeling confident that they were almost through and that they knew how to handle anything the morning could throw at them. When the bus was seen waiting at the Rio Sapo bridge emotions were stirred and a ragged cheer was heard at the front. This was obviously too much for one of the teachers who fell onto the rocky shore and was later seen boarding the bus in a handsome set of fresh bandages.

The trip was a huge success and thanks to all involved. Several candidates expressed that it had been the ‘best trip ever!’ What’s next for the international award team? The final expedition, at the end of this month...Watch this space!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

On top of the world!

On Friday our Grade 9 Geography students with their teachers climbed Santa Ana as part of a module they are studying on volcanoes. All the students and teachers succeeded in getting to the top. Well done to all involved.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Congratulations to our Class 2014 ESEN Debate team

Our team qualified for the final from an event of over 30 teams on Saturday and narrowly came second in the final. They were magnificent. Very well done to all of them and to Paola Lopez who won the "best debater" award. They were admirably supported by ABC staff and parents including Mr. Flores, Mr. Quijano and Mr. Garcia. Thank you to everyone who helped this team but above all congratulations to the team!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

More ABC Success

Congratulations to the ABC Mathcount team who claimed overall second place in the Mathcount  on Saturday in Mexico City with three of our students taking individual Gold, Silver and Bronze. The top 3 students were 
First place: Gerardo Cabrera
Second place: Ana Sofia Rodriguez
Third place: Jose Andres Caceres. 
An amazing result. We also had three other students in the top 20 and are again very proud of them. We look forward to seeing them home on Monday.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Maths Relay Winners in Mexico

Congratulations to the ABC Math Relay team who achieved first place in the regional Math Relay competition in Mexico City this morning. We are very proud of them.

LATEST NEWS! Congratulations to all our mathematicians for excellent performances! Well done students and Mr Clare! Wonderful result!

Individual competition
1st Gerardo Cabrera
2nd Ana Sofia Rodriguez
3rd Jose Andres Caceres
10th Regina Carbonell
16th Maria Fernanda Arteaga
17th Carlos Arturo Velasquez

MathRelay: 1st Place
MathCounts: Team A 2nd Place

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Resultados de la PAES

Well done to the Class of 2013 for these excellent PAES results!

Promedios por materia:



Porcentaje de Estudiantes
Niveles de Competencia





*Class average/ Promedio de Clase. **Grading System changed. ***Question format changed

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Central America Mathcounts Champions - First and Second Place!

Congratulations to both our Mathcounts teams who came first and second in a magnificent Mathcounts Competition hosted by the Escuela Americana this morning. The event included schools from three neighbouring countries as well as El Salvador and was a celebration of mathematics, teamwork and showed how effort leads to success. It was a great event for making new friends and being together with existing friends. Thank you to Mr. Clare for all his work, the rest of the Mathematics Department as well as all the older students who participated in the preparations. A great day out!

Participating schools:
Escuela Americana
Escuela Panamericana
Colegio Maya
Escuela Internacional de Guatemala
Escuela Americana de Guatemala
Escuela Internacional de San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Escuela Internacional de Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Escuela Americana de Nicaragua

Friday, 1 February 2013

Central America Region Maths Relay Champions

The ABC teams achieved first and fourth places in the Central America Region Maths Relay competition held at the ABC today. We are very proud of them for being such great competitors (as well as for winning) and look forward to the Mathcounts competition tomorrow. Good luck to all students participating, all parents and friends watching and of course the coach Mr. Clare. Mathcounts tomorrow starts at 7.30 at the Escuela Americana but in the meantime congratulations again to both teams in the Maths Relay and its great to have witnessed such a wonderful event with nine schools from four different countries participating.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sad news - Mr McGuiggan has passed away

It is with deep sadness that we report that Mr Anthony (Tony) McGuiggan passed away on Monday, in France. He was Headmaster of the ABC from 1986 to 1992 and will be fondly remembered by many ex students and staff.
Our sincerest condolences to Mrs McGuiggan.
Her contact details can be obtained from the Headmaster's secretary at school.

The McGuiggan Cup is awarded annually for the best Extended Essay in the IB programme.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

IA candidates 'find their way home from the volcano''

On Saturday 19th of January, the bronze and silver candidates from the International Award navigated their way successfully from the side of our mighty El Boqueron, to the main entrance of Parque Bicentenario on avenida Jerusalem.

Along the way they conducted a number of exercises to test their new found skills in navigation. First of all they followed a coded trail of 'bush signs'or markers, towards a secret location in the Espino Eco-parque. Next they learned the way to connect this popular mountain biking area with the new Parque Bicentenario, crossing the 500 manzanas of private coffee rainforest in between and taking compass bearings from important landmarks. The final test came when they hunted for 12 hidden clues in the densely forested city park, using a map and compass, and all their collective powers of navigation.

The winning team was team B (below). They are nearly ready for the practice and final expeditions. Expect some exciting news of their exploits in March.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

ABC Family Christmas Celebration - carols and readings

A wonderful evening of music and readings was in store for the sell-out community event. Thank you to all the participants and to the audience who supported us. We managed to raise funds for the "Mi casa" orphanage and had several of the children from there with us for the evening.
A great evening!