Wednesday, 23 January 2013

IA candidates 'find their way home from the volcano''

On Saturday 19th of January, the bronze and silver candidates from the International Award navigated their way successfully from the side of our mighty El Boqueron, to the main entrance of Parque Bicentenario on avenida Jerusalem.

Along the way they conducted a number of exercises to test their new found skills in navigation. First of all they followed a coded trail of 'bush signs'or markers, towards a secret location in the Espino Eco-parque. Next they learned the way to connect this popular mountain biking area with the new Parque Bicentenario, crossing the 500 manzanas of private coffee rainforest in between and taking compass bearings from important landmarks. The final test came when they hunted for 12 hidden clues in the densely forested city park, using a map and compass, and all their collective powers of navigation.

The winning team was team B (below). They are nearly ready for the practice and final expeditions. Expect some exciting news of their exploits in March.

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