Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Congratulations Class of 2016 for your PAES results

Alongside all the work the Class of 2016 are doing for their IB Diploma they also prepare for and take the PAES examination. The results came out on Friday and 97% of our students achieved the highest category - Superior. Congratulations to all of them. The PAES and full IB Diploma curriculum (which all our students study) are quite different so it is brilliant to see our students doing so well on the PAES Exam. We are very proud of them.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Race for Survival

Thank you to everyone who made the Race for Survival such a success on Saturday. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Go Basketball Bulldogs: National Champions 2015

Congratulations to the Under 12 Boys Basketball team who became national champions last night. They shared the title after a 52 - 52 draw in the final at the Gimnasio Nacional with Liceo Latinamericano. Our boys were losing by 9 points as we entered the final quarter but they played magnificently to come back to lead 52-50, with seconds remaining, only for our opponents to draw level. It was an amazing game, a fun event and we are so proud of them. Thank you to all their friends, parents and teachers who came along to support. It is our first ever victory in a national basketball event!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Early Morning Swimming at the ABC

We have started swimming from 5.45 - 6.45 am on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings before school to help our Grade 3 and older swimmers get even more laps of practice. Please talk to our Head Swimming coach Oscar Lima if you want to join in. This photograph was taken this morning. What a great way to start the day.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Congratulations to the U12 Basketball champions

This team have proved that effort and teamwork lead to success. The teamwork included the support of so many people including the coaches and parents - but the success was achieved on the court by the players. On Friday they secured another victory and they are now champions of La Libertad. This picture was taken just after the game!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Breakfast at the ABC

The school canteen is open for breakfast each morning st 6.30 am and serves a range of hot and cold breakfast items. Mr. Keslake was enjoying an omelette and beans while Mr. Spicer had a delicious croissant. It is very important to eat breakfast before going to class, research clearly shows that breakfast is vital for learning. If you don't have time before leaving home then have breakfast at school.


La cafetería del colegio abre a las 6:30a.m. y sirve desayunos desde esa hora; ofrece una variedad de opciones calientes y frías. En la foto, el Sr. Keslake estaba disfrutando un omelette con frijoles y el Sr. Spicer un delicioso croissant. Es muy importante desayunar antes de ir a clases, las investigaciones claramente muestran que el desayuno es fundamental para el aprendizaje. Si no tienen tiempo de desayunar en casa, pueden hacerlo en el colegio.


Croissant with scramble/sunny side up egg..$1.50
Croissant black beans and cheese………....$1.50
Croissant with ham and cheese……………..$1.15
Pupusas beans/cheese……………………....$0.50
Yogurt with granola…………………………...$1.00
Waffles with honey or nutella………………..$1.00
Refried beans…………………………………$0.60 (portion)
Omelette……………………………………....$0.60 (1 egg stuffed 
with veggies, ham, cheese)
Backed plantain……………………………. ..$0.60 (4 slides)
Pancake…………………………………….....$1.00 (2)
Cereal with milk…………………………........$2.00 (choices)


Croissant de huevo ............................................$1.50
Croissant de frijol y queso ................................$1.50
Croissant de jamón y queso ..............................$1.15
Pupusas de frijol/queso .....................................$0.50
Yogurt con granola............................................$1.00
Waflles con miel o nutella.................................$1.00
Frijoles volteados .............................................$0.60
Omelette ...........................................................$0.60
Plátano horneados ............................................$0.60
Pancake ............................................................$1.00
Cereal con leche ...............................................$2.00

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Congratulations Millennium Scholars and IGCSE students

We are delighted to announce that our latest Millennium Scholars have been selected. They are Paul Davis and Ana Sofia Rodriguez. They have been selected for their clear demonstration of our ABC values and traits in their work in school as well as for their academic success. Ana Sofia contributes widely to school activities and was selected following an interview where she showed her real determination to help our community support our wider society and achieve the UN MDGs . Paul was our top IGCSE student with all of his grades at either A or A*. Paul tells us he wants to study at the University of Cambridge after graduating from the ABC. Congratulations to both of them and their friends and families

We also want to say a particular congratulations to our top achieving IGCSE students from the Class of 2017. The IGCSE results were excellent and the Class of 2017 have now started their IB programmes. Especial congratulations to Maria Fernanda Arteaga, Gerardo Cabrera, Hushmand Esmael, Fiorella Morales, Eduardo Portillo and Sonia Zaldana who also achieved exceptional results but we would really like to send our congratulations to all of the Class of 2017 and their families. Good luck on the IB Diploma


Nos deleita anunciar que los ‘Millenium Scholars’ han sido elegidos. Ellos son Paul Davis y Ana Sofía Rodríguez. Han sido seleccionados por demostrar claramente los valores y rasgos de la ABC en su trabajo escolar así como en su éxito académico. Ana Sofía apoya ampliamente las actividades del colegio y fue elegida tras una entrevista donde demostró su determinación firme para ayudar a que nuestra comunidad apoye a la sociedad salvadoreña para alcanzar los ODM de la ONU. Paul fue el estudiante del IGCSE con mejores resultados, obteniendo sólo notas de A y A*. Paul nos expresa su deseo de estudiar en la Universidad de Cambridge al graduarse de la ABC. Felicidades a ambos, así como a sus familias y amigos.

También queremos felicitar a los alumnos de la promoción del 2017 que obtuvieron los resultados más altos en el IGCSE. Los resultados del IGCSE fueron excelentes y esta promoción ya inició su programa del IB. Felicidades a Maria Fernanda Arteaga, Gerardo Cabrera, Hushmand Esmael, Fiorella Morales, Eduardo Portillo y Sonia Zaldaña quienes también obtuvieron resultados excepcionales, aunque extendemos las felicitaciones a toda la promoción del 2017 así como a sus familias. Buena suerte en el Diploma del IB.

Friday, 21 August 2015

New ABC Classrooms to welcome the Class of 2030

Over the summer we have had some new classrooms built as part of our remodeling of the Lower Primary area. These enlarged classrooms have been designed to allow us to develop appropriate learning activities for the younger members of our school community. They have included ideas from various experts in Early Learning and so far our students love them! We plan to finish the other side of the Lower Primary area next summer as we continue to remodel and develop our beautiful campus. You can see some of the new classrooms in action on this slide show.


Durante las vacaciones construimos algunas aulas como parte de la remodelación de Lower Primary. Estas aulas son más amplias y han sido diseñadas para permitirnos dessarrollar actividades adecuadas para los miembros más pequeños de nuestra comunidad. Cuentan con ideas de varios expertos en el aprendizaje de los primeros años y ¡los alumnos estan encantados! Tenemos planeado terminar la remodelación el próximo año cuando construyamos el otro lado de Lower Primary, desarrollando así nuestro hermoso campus. Pueden ver algunas imágenes de estas aulas en la siguiente presentación.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Congratulations for excellent IGCSE and IB Results

Whether you are a parent or a student it is a pleasure to welcome you back to the first day of school today.We are delighted to report that our students in the Class of 2017 achieved excellent IGCSE results and all of them have found IB programmes to follow. We are looking forward to seeing them in their IB school uniforms! We will be providing more details on the results for parents but congratulations to the Class of 2017.

The Class of 2015 achieved our best overall IB results with 90% achieving the full diploma and four students achieving 40 points or more. Many of them are starting university courses around the world and here in El Salvador and we look forward to hearing of their successes as they continue to act as ROCs in their lives.

Welcome back!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Congratulations to the Class of 2015'- We are so proud of ALL of you

We celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2015 last week. We are sad to see them leave school but are confident they will remain part of our wider ABC community - a class of 93 students many of whom joined us in August 2000. We are excited about their prospects. Many of them are going to study overseas with some spectacular scholarships and locations. Approximately 36% of the class are going to the USA, 22% to Europe, 18% to Canada and 15% are studying at some of our excellent local universities. They are going to some of the best universities around the world including MIT in Boston Massachusetts. The school would like to particularly thank the work of the University Guidance Team at the ABC for the excellent work done to help students achieve their university dreams and we are welcoming a new Full Time University Guidance counselor to the team next school year.
Good luck Class of 2015 and remember where you came from!


La semana pasada celebramos la graduación de la Promoción 2015. Nos entristece verlos irse del colegio pero estamos seguros de que seguirán siendo parte de nuestra comunidad - una clase de 93 alumnos muchos de los cuales iniciaron sus clases en agosto del 2000. Estamos emocionados por sus prospectos. Muchos estudiarán en el extranjero con becas y en lugares espectaculares. Aproximadamente el 36% de la clase estudiará en EEUU, 22% en Europa, 18% en Canadá y un 15% en algunas de nuestras mejores universidades locales. Van a algunas de las mejores universidades del mundo, incluyendo MIT en Boston, Massachussetts. El colegio quiere agradecer en particular al equipo de consejería universitaria de la ABC por su excelente trabajo para ayudar a que estos alumnos alcanzaran sus sueños universitarios. El otro año daremos la bienvenida al equipo a una consejera universitaria a tiempo completo. ¡Buena suerte promoción 2015 y recuerden siempre de dónde vienen!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Congratulations to our Athletics Team

This photograph shows some of our medal winners from the Estudiantiles at the end of last week. Congratulations to all of the participants and their coaches!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Competition to choosing a new Values Logo

We want you to help us design a new Values Logo.
You need to incorporate all 12 of our new values in a diagram. Here is one example which shows Rocky's footprint and a jigsaw. Your design can be digital or on paper. Please hand your design in or send it by email to Mrs. Short, Mr. Spicer or send it to Mr. Keslake by Friday 15th May. There will be a wonderful prize for the winner.

ABC Values

Leader and Team Player
Open Minded

Queremos que nos ayuden a diseñar el nuevo logo de Valores de la ABC 
Deben incorporar los 12 rasgos y valores de la ABC en la imagen. Arriba pueden ver un ejemplo que muestra la pata de Rocky como un rompecabeza. Su diseño puede ser digital o físico. Por favor entreguen sus propuestas o enviénlas por correo a Mrs Short, Mr Spicer o Mr Keslake antes del viernes 15 de mayo. Habrá un premio maravilloso para el ganador. 

Valores de la ABC

Lider y Colaborador
Mente abierta

Sunday, 19 April 2015

CONGRATULATIONS: International Recognition for Student Programming and On line Learning at ABC

The ISTE Online Learning Network notified us this week that one of our ICT projects, The ABC Scratch Learning Games Project, designed and submitted by Mrs. Jennifer Garcia, was selected as the winner of the 2015 Online Learning Award! 

According to the ISTE panel of judges, "The ABC Scratch Learning Games Project, clearly demonstrates ... outstanding contributions made in the area of online learning...which " will be honoured at the 2015 ISTE Conference & Expo in Philadelphia where the ABC will have the opportunity to present the project during the conference.

This is the second year that the Scratch project has run at the ABC. Scratch is an online programming environment used in school to enable students to programme games, stories and animations. Scratch helps students think creatively, work logically and work collaboratively - all twenty first century learning skills. The ABC project was created in an attempt to incorporate social relevance into student programming projects, and in turn fostering a greater level of ownership and pride in student work.

During the project, students carry out primary and secondary research and working together they learn to program simple learning games for younger students at the ABC, in the USA, Kuwait and China. 

We will be sharing the final games through our Scratch Project Studio and younger ABC students will be able to try out the games online, during Scratch Week as well as in normal classes.


La Red de Enseñanza en Línea ISTE nos notificó esta semana que uno de nuestros proyectos de ICT, el Proyecto de Juegos de Aprendizaje ABC Scratch, que fue diseñado y postulado por Mrs. Jennifer García, ¡fue elegido como el ganador del Premio de Aprendizaje en Línea del 2015! 

De acuerdo al pánel de jueces del ISTE, “el Proyecto de Juegos de Aprendizaje ABC Scratch, demuestra claramente… aportes sobresalientes en el área del aprendizaje en línea” lo cual será reconocido en la Conferencia & Esposición 2015 del ISTE en Filadelfia donde la ABC tendrá la oportunidad de presentar el proyecto durante la conferencia. 

Este es el segundo año en que el proyecto de Scratch se desarrolla en la ABC. Scratch es un ambiente de programación en línea que se usa en el colegio para permitir que los estudiantes programen juegos, historias y animaciones. Scratch ayuda a que los alumnos piensen de manera creativa, trabajen con lógica y de manera colaborativa – todas las habilidades de aprendizaje del siglo veintiuno. El proyecto de la ABC fue creado en un intento de incorporar la relevancia social en los proyectos de programación de los estudiantes, a su vez fomentando un mayor nivel de pertenencia y orgullo por su trabajo. 

A través de este proyecto, los estudiantes desarrollan investigación primaria y secundaria además de trabajar en conjunto para aprender a programar juegos de aprendizaje simple para los estudiantes más pequeños de la ABC, en EEUU, Kuwait y China. 

Estaremos compartiendo los juegos finales a través de nuestro Taller de Proyectos Scratch para que los alumnos menores de la ABC puedan probar los juegos en línea, durante la semana de Scratch así como en sus clases regulares.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bicultural Festival Celebrations

The Teatro Presidente was packed on Friday and Saturday night to witness the spectacular finales to the Bicultural Arts Festival which was shared with other bicultural schools in the city. In the run up to these shows there were workshops focusing on various arts including dance, drama, music, singing, art and photography. It was a wonderful cooperative event and showed the talents of the young people we all work with. It also showed how we as a community can work together, support each other and have fun! It was fantastic to see so many ABC teachers and parents supporting these events and thank you to so many of you who came to the shows at the Teatro Presidente and made such a marvelous audience. In terms of the ABC I must say thank you to Dee Leong, Joel Godiah and Estela Mena for their huge contributions and for dealing with all the logisitical challenges. I would however like to leave the final word to an ABC student who told me the whole event had been brilliant in every sense. She had learned so much and made new friends. What more can we ask for!!! Thank you Bicultural Festival and we look forward to next year's event already!


El Teatro Presidente estuvo lleno de expectadores del Festival Bicultural de Artes, el cual se compartió con otros colegios biculturales de la ciudad, durante las presentaciones del viernes y sábado por la noche. En la antesala de estas presentaciones hubo talleres cuyo énfasis fueron disciplinas que incluían el baile, drama, música, canto, arte y fotografía. Fue un evento colaborativo maravilloso y demostró los talentos de los jóvenes con quienes trabajamos. ¡Además demostró cómo podemos trabajar juntos con nuestra comunidad, apoyarnos y divertirnos! Fue muy agradable ver a tantos maestros y padres de familia de la ABC apoyar estos eventos y les agradezco a todos los que asistieron al Teatro Presidente, fueron una audiencia encantadora. En cuanto a la música debo agradecer a Dee Leong, Joel Godiah y Estela Mena por su valiosa colaboración y por encargarse de todos los retos que implica la logística y organización. Quisiera darle la última palabra a un estudiante de la ABC que me dijo que todo el evento había sido espectacular en cada sentido. Ella dice haber aprendido mucho sobre y hecho nuevos amigos. ¡No podemos pedir más! ¡Gracias Festival Bicultural y desde ya esperamos el evento del próximo año!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mathcounts Champions

Congratulations to the ABC Mathcounts Team - Central America Champions 2015
The annual Mathounts competition, this year hosted by the Escuela Americana, took place yesterday. It was a great competition enjoyed by everyone who was there. A great day doing mathematics and problem solving with teams from across Central America and over 150 students participating. Our team have been preparing for the competition for some time with the mathematics department and Mrs. Bartimote and at the end of the competition our teams took first and second place in the team event and the top three individual places as well. We are very proud of them!!!

Felicidades al equipo de Matchcounts de la ABC - Campeones centroamericanos 2015
Este año la Escuela Americana fue la anfitriona de la competencia anual de Mathcounts, la cual se desarrolló ayer. Fue una gran competencia y todos los asistentes la disfrutaron. Fue un día de practicar matemáticas, resolviendo problemas con equipos de toda centroamérica y más de 150 participantes. Nuestro se ha estado preparando para la competencia desde hace algún tiempo en el departamento de matemáticas y Mrs. Bastimote. Al final de la competencia nuestros equipos se llevaron el primer y segundo lugar en el evento de grupos así como los primeros tres lugares en la parte individual. ¡Estamos muy orgullosos de ellos!

Friday, 30 January 2015

The first Headmaster returns!

It was a pleasure to meet Garry and Joan York on Wednesday when they visited the school. They had an extensive tour of the school, met many students and many old friends during the visit. They were able to see the development of our school site which they helped design, establish and open in 1976. Garry York was the first ABC Headmaster from 1971 to 1978. Garry and Joan have very happy memories of their time at the ABC and will be meeting students from their time at the school at a reception in the PAC on Wednesday 4th February. Please check with Lissett Castro at school if you need an invite and we will see you there!

Fue un placer conocer a Garry y Joan York en su visita al colegio el día miércoles. Tuvieron un largo recorrido por el colegio, conocieron a muchos estudiantes y vieron a varios amigos de antaño. Pudieron observar el desarrollo de nuestro colegio, el cual ellos ayudaron a diseñar, establecer y abrir en 1976. Garry York fue el primer director de la ABC entre 1971 y 1978. Garry y Joan tienen recuerdos muy alegres de su tiempo en la ABC y estarán reuniéndose con alumnos de su época en una recepción a ofrecerse en el PAC el miércoles 4 de febrero. Por favor contacten a Lissett Castro si desean asistir.

MINED Accreditation

The ABC received its MINED Accreditation this week following an inspection of the school in October 2014. Mr. Quijano is seen having just received the certificate from the Vice Minister of Education. The accreditation covers the school for the coming five years and congratulations to everyone involved.

Esta semana la ABC recibió su acreditación por parte del MINED tras una inspección del colegio en octubre del 2014. El Sr. Quijano recibió el certificado del viceministro de Educación. Esta acreditación es válida por los próximos cinco años y felicitamos a todos los involucrados.