Monday, 19 October 2009

Empowerment Day - October 17th 2009

day started promptly at 8am with an energised introduction to the
concepts of empowerment, such as, self-esteem, positive thinking,
making choices, determination, among many others; all played to the
radiant tunes of Mas Que Nada (pop version).  Immediately after, the whole group engaged in a few Brain Gym exercises, and some dance moves, to the sounds of I'm Coming Up.   With our brains infused with energy, we dealt with the Basics of Self-Empowerment.  Soon,
it was time for the Caribbean and Central American champions of El
Salvador's Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation to give us a
demonstration about endurance, determination, discipline, healthy
living, and being an integral person- athletic, professional career
oriented, and family.    By now, the group was ready for the team games rally challenge. 
8 teams went through a sequence of 9 challenges which included scoring
goals, making some hoops, popping balloons, dressing the captain, and
the egg head competition.  Full of enthusiasm and somewhat tired, off we went to lunch for 30 min.  And, we were again ready for more action.  The Prefects staged a short drama about being empowered through life.  This was followed with a speech by Mrs. Melendez, an 11th grade mother, on the high expectations, trust, and love, that, as parents, they have for their children.  Not enough?  The students were challenged to put together an artistic song and dance about empowerment and leadership.  Wow!  The show surpassed all expectations.  We were coming down to the last lap of this fast moving workshop with two more items on the agenda.  First,
a 20 minute Tae Bo session with an experienced instructor; it is all in
the pictures! And, finally, Mr. Murgatroyd placed empowerment into the
global perspective with powerful life situations from around the world,
and how each of us can become a ROC of The World. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Peace One Day - 21st September

This year, for Peace One Day, our Student Council designed and sold t-shirts throughout the school raising $$ to spend on a local peace project. 
During the lunch break the students joined hands in a large circle on the school field for a minute's silence.  This was to show respect forJeremy Gilley's Peace One Day initiative which began in 2001.

Monday, 21 September 2009

International Award

Students in the International Award for Young People programme took
part in the first trip of the year this weekend. They climbed three
volcanoes in two days, starting with Izalco and Cerro Verde on
Saturday, and finishing with the highest volcano in El Salvador, Volcan
de Santa Ana, on Sunday. Well done to all students who completed this
challenging task!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Class of 2015 - Awards Assembly and Pompei Project Displays

These two events should have taken place at the end of the last academic year. Unfortunately, as we all know, school was closed early and so we have celebrated the successes of Year 6 students from the class of 2015 today instead.
Many thanks to all parents who came to celebrate with the students today. 

Also, thanks to Ricardo Chacon and Andrea Aviles for speaking at the assembly and reminding us of the successes of last year and our targets for the coming year.
Thanks, as always, to the Madres for organising lunch for students, parents and some teachers, and to the students who displayed their collaborative project work on Pompei, worked on during the last few weeks of the 08-09 school year.  This was a collaborative project between History, English and ICT.