Friday, 28 August 2009

Class of 2015 - Awards Assembly and Pompei Project Displays

These two events should have taken place at the end of the last academic year. Unfortunately, as we all know, school was closed early and so we have celebrated the successes of Year 6 students from the class of 2015 today instead.
Many thanks to all parents who came to celebrate with the students today. 

Also, thanks to Ricardo Chacon and Andrea Aviles for speaking at the assembly and reminding us of the successes of last year and our targets for the coming year.
Thanks, as always, to the Madres for organising lunch for students, parents and some teachers, and to the students who displayed their collaborative project work on Pompei, worked on during the last few weeks of the 08-09 school year.  This was a collaborative project between History, English and ICT.

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