Friday, 18 March 2016

Primary Swimming Galas/ Swimming Galas de Primaria

Esta semana se llevaron a cabo los Swimming Gala de Primero hasta Quinto Grado. Durante esta exhibición se logró apreciar el alto nivel de habilidad que poseen todos nuestros alumnos.
Se convocó a jueces profesionales y se premió a los alumnos con los mejores tiempos de cada grado, así como también a la tribu ganadora.

Felicidades a todos nuestros estudiantes por su enorme esfuerzo, y a nuestro departamento de Educación Física por organizar tan alegre evento.


This week, we held Swimming Galas for grades 1 through 5. During this exhibition, parents were able to see the high level of skill all of our students possess thanks to their lessons.
Professional judges were called in and the students with the best times were given awards, along with the winning tribe.

Congratulations to all of our students for their enormous effort, and to our P.E department for organising such a lovely event.


Parent Partnership Evening: Netiquette/ Escuela para Padres: Netiqueta

Como parte de nuestra Escuela para Padres, este miércoles 16 de marzo recibimos a la Lic. Flor de María de Rais, quien impartió una interesante charla acerca de la "Netiqueta", es decir la forma correcta o aceptable de comunicarse por medio del Internet.

En la actualidad, muchos hacemos uso del Internet sin detenernos a pensar que existen consideraciones a tomar en cuenta, ya que a pesar de que no podemos ver a la persona al otro lado de la pantalla, siempre debemos recordar ser respetuosos en nuestra manera de expresarnos y tener cuidado que el material que compartimos no tenga derechos de autor.

Como en la sesión anterior, este evento fue abierto a padres de otros colegios biculturales, quienes manifiestan que estas reuniones son de gran utilidad para ellos. Agradecemos a todos los padres de la ABC que pudieron asistir y esperamos ver a más de ustedes en la próxima charla.


As part of our Parent Partnership initiative, this past Wednesday March 16th, Mrs. Flor de María de Rais, gave a very interesting talk about "Netiquette", the correct/acceptable way of communicating online.

In today's world, many of use use the Internet without pausing to reflect on the fact that there are considerations that need to be taken into account. Even though we might not be able to see the person on the other side of the screen, , we must always remember to be respectful in the way we express ourselves and be careful that any material we post is not copyrighted.

As in the previous session, this event was open to parents from other bilingual schools, who say that these meetings are of great benefit to them. We would like to thank all the ABC parents who were able to attend and hope to see more of you during the next talk.

Convocatoria ABC

El pasado martes 15 de Marzo, el Director de la ABC, Graeme Keslake dirigió la Convocatoria anual para padres de familia.

En esta reunión, se discutieron varios temas de importancia para los padres de nuestra comunidad, tales como los precios de las colegiaturas, la seguridad del colegio y las inversiones que se están haciendo para nuevas instalaciones y recursos.

Agradecemos a todos los padres de familia que pudieron asistir a este evento, ya que sus opiniones son de suma importancia para el desarrollo de nuestra institución. Invitamos a todos a tratar de hacer un poco de espacio en sus agendas para poder contar con mayor asistencia en el futuro y poder compartir con mas padres de familia.

Como dijo el Señor Keslake en sus palabras de apertura: "Yo veo a la ABC como un equipo, una comunidad que brinda apoyo y trabaja en conjunto para poder brindar la mejor experiencia para nuestros alumnos, en donde su seguridad, bienestar, desarrollo personal y progreso académico son nuestra prioridad. Ustedes como padres participativos son miembros vitales de este equipo".


Last Tuesday March 15th, the ABC's Director, Mr. Graeme Keslake, hosted the anual Convocatoria for parents.
During this meeting, various important topics for our community's parents were discussed, such as tuition fees, security in school and investments being made towards new infrastructure and resources.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, as their opinions are highly important for our institution's development. We kindly ask all parents to please try to make some time in your agendas so we can have a higher attendance rate in the future and be able to share with more of you.

As Mr. Keslake's opening words stated: " I view the ABC as a team, a supportive community working together to achieve the very best experience for our children, prioritising their safety, wellbeing, personal development and academic progress. You as participatory parents are vital members of that team".

Thursday, 17 March 2016

STEAMFest 2016

El miércoles 16 de marzo, la ABC fue anfitriona del primer STEAMFest, una feria basada en el "Maker" Movement de Dale Dougherty. El propósito de este movimiento es motivar a tanto niños como adultos a innovar y experimentar dentro de las siguientes ramas:

Science (Ciencias)
Technology (Tecnología)
Engineering (Ingeniería)
Arts (Artes)
Mathematics (Matemáticas)

La meta de STEAMFest era demostrar que todos somos "makers", ya que innovamos y resolvemos problemas de forma creativa todos los días, y esto no ocurre exclusivamente dentro de un aula de ciencias. La ABC quería reconocer esfuerzos en las ramas mencionadas anteriormente y abrió el evento a otras instituciones educativas que participaron con exhibiciones propias.

La jornada comenzó con un discurso del Embajador de Gran Bretaña, Bernhard Garside, quien motivó a todos a seguir experimentando y no tener miedo a cometer errores.
Después de sus palabras, el Embajador Garside entregó medallas a los ganadores de la Feria de Ciencias de Secundaria, y se quedó a ver todas las excelentes demostraciones y experimentos.
Sin embargo, STEAMFest no fue una actividad exclusiva de Secundaria, ya que Primaria también tuvo su propia Feria de Ciencias y una variedad de centros creativos dentro del PAC, en los cuales estudiantes de todas las edades disfrutaron los experimentos interactivos disponibles.

Nuestros alumnos verdaderamente disfrutaron STEAMFest 2016, y no aguantamos por ver que sorpresas habrán el próximo año.

Muchísimas gracias a todos los involucrados, sobretodo a nuestros patrocinadores: La Tecleña, JohnSport y Telus.


On Wednesday March 16th, the ABC hosted its first ever STEAMFest, a fair based on Dale Dougherty's "Maker" movement, which aims to motivate both children and adults to innovate and experiment in the following areas:


The purpose of this event was to show that all of us are makers, because we innovate and solve problems creatively every day, not just inside a science classroom. The ABC wanted to spotlight efforts in these areas and opened the event to other educational institutions who also participated with exhibitions of their own.

The day started with a keynote speech by British Ambassador Bernhard Garside, who motivated everyone to keep experimenting and to not be afraid of making mistakes.

After his opening, Ambassador Garside handed out medals for the winners of the Secondary Science Fair and stayed to look at all the excellent exhibitions and demonstrations.
However, STEAMFest was not limited to the Secondary school, as Primary also held its own science fair, along with an assortment of creative centres inside the PAC, in which both younger and older students enjoyed hands-on demonstrations and experiments.

STEAMFest 2016 was thoroughly enjoyed by all our students, and we can't wait to see what next year's has in store!

Many thanks to everyone involved, especially our sponsors: La Tecleña, JohnSport and Telus.


Sunday, 13 March 2016

ABC Mathcounts Success in Mexico

Congratulations to both our teams who took part in the regional competition in Monterrey, Mexico this week. Teams from the top 18 schools across Central America and the Caribbean took part and our two teams came in second place and third place overall. In the individual round from over 150 participating students we had many students in  the top 20 and Marcelo came third overall in the original individual round and ended up in fourth place after the quick fire round. Congratulations on a superb result. We are very proud of you and pleased to see you all safe and back at home.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Walking for Water/ Caminando por el Agua

Este viernes, todos los estudiantes de Primaria tuvieron la oportunidad de aprender acerca de la importancia del agua, y como muy a menudo damos por hecho su disponibilidad. Para que los alumnos lograran comprender lo difícil que es para gente en algunas partes del mundo (incluyendo nuestro propio país) conseguir agua, llevaron sus mochilas a la cancha y las llenaron con botellas de agua. Una vez las llenaban, debían dar cuantas vueltas pudieran a la cancha con el peso del agua en sus mochilas.
Estas vueltas fueron patrocinadas por los padres de los niños, y los fondos recaudados se utilizarán para comprar un filtro de agua para una escuela en Zaragoza.

Esta actividad fue una buenísima herramienta de aprendizaje para todos y estamos seguros que de ahora en adelante, todos nuestros niños recordarán esta actividad ¡y le ayudarán a quienes lo rodean a ser conscientes de cómo utilizan el agua!


This Friday, students from all over Primary had a chance to learn about the importance of water, and how we often take it for granted. In order for them to learn just how difficult it is for people in some parts of the world (including our own country) to fetch water, they had a chance to bring their empty school bags to the field and fill them up with bottles of water. They then had to run as many laps as they could with the weight of the water they were carrying.
These laps were sponsored by parents and the money raised will be used to buy a water filter for a school in Zaragoza.

This activity was a great learning tool for everyone, and we are sure that from now on, all our children will remember this activity and help others around them be conscious of how they use their water!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

IB Art Exhibition/ Exhibición de Arte de IB

Durante esta semana, El centro de Artes no ha estado adornado por las sillas a las que estamos acostumbrados. En lugar de estas, los alumnos de Arte IB de 12vo grado han puesto sus trabajos en exhibición para todo el colegio. Cada alumno ha creado su propio espacio, en el cual han arreglado sus obras, junto con pequeñas explicaciones de lo que los inspiró a crear cada pieza.

Hay trabajos verdaderamente impresionantes, y estos fueron reconocidos ayer, durante una recepción en honor a los alumnos.
Sin embargo, la exhibición está abierta a todos. Si no han tenido la oportunidad de dar un vistazo, ¡asegúrense de hacerlo antes del Viernes!


During this week, the Performing Arts Centre has not been adorned with chairs as you would expect. Instead, art pieces from the Grade 12 IB Art students have been on display for the whole school to admire. Each student has created their own space, in which they have arranged their artwork, along with a brief explanation about what moved them to create it.

There are some truly amazing creations from all the students, and these were celebrated yesterday during the Opening  Reception hosted in honour of these students. The exhibition is now open to everyone. If you haven't had a chance to pop in and take a look, make sure you do so before Friday!


Monday, 7 March 2016

Bicultural Arts Festival Performances

El 4 y 5 de marzo, la creatividad y dedicación de todos los involucrados en los talleres del Festival Bicultural de Artes fue exhibida al público.
El primer día, los trabajos de Artes Plásticas y Fotografía estuvieron expuestos en el Teatro Presidente.
Asimismo, los excelentes shows de drama y danza fueron disfrutados por todos los presentes.

El segundo día, los grupos musicales deleitaron a la audiencia. Por segunda vez, el éxito del Festival se vio reflejado en las piezas interpretadas por las bandas, orquestas y coros de todas las instituciones biculturales.

Deseamos agradecer a todos los involucrados por su trabajo y por producir shows de tan alta calidad en ambas ocasiones. Esperamos que mucha gente de nuestra comunidad ABC hayan podido asistir y disfrutarlo.


On March 4th and 5th, the creativity and dedication of all those involved in the Bicultural Arts Festival workshops was displayed for all to see.
On the first day, Art and Photography work created during the past week was exhibited at the Teatro Presidente. In addition, some wonderful dance and drama performances were enjoyed by the audience.

The second day, it was the Music ensembles' turn to delight the crowd. With performances by the Bicultural schools' bands, orchestras and choirs, the Festival's workshops proved for a second time to be a huge success.

We would like to thank all those involved for their hard work and for producing these high quality shows on both nights. It was amazing to see so many people from our ABC community who were able to attend and enjoy such varied and wonderful displays of talent.


Friday, 4 March 2016

ABC Book Week/ Semana del Libro

Esta semana, la ABC se transportó al maravilloso mundo de la imaginación que solo podemos encontrar en los libros. Desde el lunes, varios invitados especiales incluyendo padres de familia, personal administrativo y de mantenimiento se presentaron a las aulas de primaria a leer a los alumnos sus libros favoritos.

Asimismo, tanto Primaria como Secundaria tuvo Feria de Libros, en las cuales los estudiantes tenían la oportunidad de comprar los que más llamaran su atención.
La semana culminó con el anticipado Desfile de Personajes, en donde todos los alumnos desde Pre-Kinder a 5to grado exhibieron sus disfraces basados en sus personajes favoritos.

¡Muchas gracias a todos los involucrados por el trabajo que dedicaron a este evento y lo hicieron inolvidable para todos nuestros niños!


This week, the ABC was transported to the wonderful world of imagination, which can only be found in books. From Monday onwards, many special guests including parents, administrative and maintenance staff showed up in classrooms throughout the Primary school to read their favorite books to the students.

In addition, both Primary and Secondary hosted Book Fairs, in which pupils had a chance to buy the books they liked best.
The week concluded with the highly anticipated Book Character Day and Parade, in which all students from grades Pre-Kinder through 5th got to show off their wonderful costumes, based on their favourite book characters.

Many thanks to all involved for the hard work they put in and making this event unforgettable for our children!


Thursday, 3 March 2016

ABC Student part of El Salvador's Equestrian Team

Congratulations to Ariana Rodríguez Bruzón, Grade 8, on her continued success as part of El Salvador's equestrian team.