Friday, 23 November 2012

Our students amongst the Voices Around the World.

We were very pleased to have participated in the "Voices Around the World Choir" and you can see our Primary students, and perhaps hear them, in this video.
The students were conducted and recorded by Mr Cesar Santamaria and the Voices Around the World organization mixed this with hundreds of similar recordings done all around the world.
What a beautiful sound! Thanks to Mr Santamaria and Primary students for this excellent project!
Where do we appear? Can you spot us?

"Voices Around The World is a not for profit project linking the voices of young people around the world through music. The main idea behind the project is to give the chance for school choirs, youth singing groups and young individuals around the world to participate in making an international recording. Over the last year more than 300 schools participated in the project. They all received mp3s of the choir parts for Howard Jones' song 'Building Our Own Future.' Many of the school choirs managed to achieve the aim of the project, by submitting their own recordings to be included on a 'master' recording of the song. This video features the mix of these choirs. We estimate that there is somewhere in the region of 1000 voices on this recording! This is not a commercial release of the song but we would like to promote it as widely as possible with the aim of encouraging purchased downloads of the song from the Voices Around The World Website

Any money raised by through these purchases will be used in full to help selected charity schools in Africa. YOU can help and be a part of this project! If you have enjoyed listening to the song ....please network this YouTube video as widely as possible. By doing so you will be helping young people in African schools so that they can all say 'we are - Building Our Own Future!' Thanks ....from the Voices Around The World Team"

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