Wednesday, 2 May 2012

On the 28th of April, 2012 The ABC International Award group became the first school expedition team in El Salvador to cross the El Impossible park. This dramatic route traversed the wilderness area (famous for extreme topography), from south to north following trails, animal tracks, and contour lines. The journey has only been completed three times in recent memory, twice by professional game scouts…. yes, you guessed it, the third time was us. Special permission from the park was granted to pass through areas under maximum legal protection. The actual crossing took place on Saturday 28th of April 2012; This journey of approximately 11 hours tested their endurance, preparation, teamwork, spirit and overall; Determination to succeed.  The team also conducted a night survey of animals in the park and ended by walked through the coffee plantation area into Ataco on Sunday 29th.

The 8 students involved were:

Rachel Keslake (year 9)
Rose Guiliano (Year 9)
Isavel McGough (Year 9)
Fernando Chahin (Year 11)
Roberto Diez de Pinal (Year 11)
Jonathan Keslake (Year 11)
Guilhermo Chavez (Year 11)
Raul Chacon (Year 11)

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