Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Embossing on Metal

The process of embossing is the technique of creating designs in the metal through stamping, piercing, folding or hammering. Copper, brass and aluminum sheets are a common choice for embossing because it is malleable and not as expensive as other metals, such as gold or silver.

The technique of embossing also is also called "tooling" or "repousse" (pronounced rep-o-zay). These sheets of metal usually have a thickness of 5 millimeters. Thicker sheets may be used, but they cannot be easily cut with scissors, and require greater force when hammering or stamping.

This is a 3D work done by an 11th grader who is taking Art as her HL IB Option, she based her design in Art Nouveau movement, and created this original piece of work.

“Each time I do an artwork I try to make it look different and original, this is the reason I chose to do my work with the metal embossing technique. In this work I have decided to express the freedom, the peacefulness and beauty of nature as a whole. I have always like drawing butterflies this is because my name in Greek means butterfly. The butterflies are like in 3D because I have decided to emphasize them, the flowers are components of nature and this is why I have included them.” Vanessa Durán .11th grade – IB Visual Art.

Miss Carmen Chávez - Art Teacher

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  1. Very beautiful work, Vanessa, well done!