Wednesday, 10 February 2010

MathCounts Competition February 2010

Congratulations to the ABC team for their performances at the recent MathCounts competition.

The MathCounts Competition is a US based programme providing fun and creative problems for middle school students in mathematics.  The competitions have challenging written and oral questions, as well as individual and
team components, and all participants
did extraordinarily well to be selected to take part.

This is the 2nd Central American Competition, the Third Maths Relay in El Salvador and the 13th MathCounts in El Salvador.
The schools that attended were the American School of Guatemala (19
students), Colegio Interamericano from Guatemala (29 students), Escuela
Internacional Sampedrana from Honduras (10 students), Contry Day School
from Costa Rica (14 students), Escuela Panamericana from El Salvador (8
students), Escuela Americana from El Salvador (10 students), Colegio
Internacional from El Salvador (12 students) and ABC (17 students). In all, there were 119 students and 14 coaches.

Relay Results
  • 1st: American School of El Salvador
  • 2nd: ABC (Martha Osegueda, Marcelo Portillo, Ting Yi Lin, Andrew
    Chen, Marina Bauer, Paola López, Paola Corpeño from Grade 8, and Zeky
    Brand from Grade 7)
  • 3rd: Escuela Internacional Sampedrana (Honduras)
Individual Results
  • 1st Place - ABC - Juan Marcelo Portillo
  • 2nd Place - ABC - Martha Osegueda
  • 3rd Place - ABC - Andrew Chen
Team Results
  • 1st Place - ABC Team A
  • 2nd Place - Colegio Internacional de San Salvador Team A
  • 3rd Place - Country Day School Team A (Costa Rica)
Next stop for the ABC team - Mexico's Regional Competition on March 11th and 12th, at the American School of Pueblo in Mexico.

Congratulations to all who took part and thanks to Carlos Arriola, an ABC Mathematics teacher, for orgainisng the event

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