Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Our community through a photo from a Grade 10 student

This piece of work which now hangs in the reception at school is a ‘pop art’ digital image of three girls form lower primary. It was in response to the question " What is school for me?"  My initial thoughts centered around the idea of school being the place where you build your future and the school provides you with all the tools you need to achieve your dreams.  I stayed after school and took pictures around the school to get the ‘essence’ of the ABC. I met these three girls who where running around enjoying themselves, I took the picture just as they started hugging each other. This 
photo captured what the school means to me.  I remembered my eagerness when I was younger to play with my friends. The warmth in the photograph is the feeling of my school as I prepare for my future. That moment is the simplest form of expression for the happiness we live as we play in the playground, and I want to convey it to others. Thank you!

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