Thursday, 1 September 2011

Primary Student Council for SY 2011/12 Elected

This week the Primary Student Council has been getting underway. Two school councilors from each class in grades 2nd through to 5th have been elected by their classroom peers.

The idea of the elections has been to reflect a democratic process and echo the principle that the school council represents the voice of its students. This year’s student council had its first meeting on Wednesday, 31st August and was briefed on its role. The student council will certainly have a busy year ahead, as it’ll be taking on the issues that matter most to the children of the ABC.

5th Grade
5th Quintanilla, Paulina Castillo and Guillermo Rivas
5th Brenes, José Andrés Villalobos and Adriana Valeria Velásquez
5th Garcia Prieto, Ana Cristina Arguello and Reynaldo Quintanilla
5th McCall, Stephanie Safie and Fátima Cruz

4th Grade
4th Hernández, Daniel Lechiguero and Roberto Berganza
4th Fastiggi, Matteo Cabrero Altschul and Katia Merlos
4th Molina, Ariana Rodríquez and Luis Alejandro Catani
4th Taylor, Julie Espinal and Miguel Bolinaga

3rd Grade
3rd Judge, Luciana Palomo and Ximena Arguedas
3rd Avilés, Pablo Sánchez and María Jimena Castro
3rd Guzmán, Fernando Gálvez and Rocio Guerrero
3rd Navas, Gerardo Salvato and Sophia Gómez

2nd Grade
2nd Padilla, Gabriela Kecskemeti and Jonathan Rodezno
2nd Moore, Gerardo Maza and Valeria Melara
2nd Mena, Daniel López Masias and Andrea Rodriguez
2nd Quijano, Sofia Huezo and Cesar García

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